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To start this out by saying first thing first. this profile is 2 people. me, myself for the most part that will be the one updating it and uploading the videos and pics. and communicating back and forth with whoever I may. ima start off by saying . hi how is everyone . i am a female age 25 also i will be the main one that is going to be the main one behind the screen and the keyboard. Anyway, this is a joined profile between me, is and the love of my life. We have decided we are going to explore more of this lifestyle together and get to experience and the wide ranges of the sexual interactions that get thrown towards us. and share it with the world together. if any questions are in your thoughts or fantasy you have not done and would like to fullfill. Dont be ashamed or embarrassed to ask me/us ... i/we are very blunt and open to any convo and to our own limits but open to a lot so ask away! I will answer as much as I can to the best of my abilities and talk and share my/ our experiences i/ we have had. and would also like to try and maybe one day be able to fulfil our fantasies with others with the twisted minds we both have. I will put this out here before any flirting or feelings get felt. !!!!!! I AM THE QUEEN !!! *I AM HIS QUEEN !* !!!! HE IS THE KING !!! *! HE IS MY KING !* POINT BLANK THIS IS NO STRINGS ATTACHED ZONE ... THANK YOU AND YET AGAIN WELCOME TO OUR PAGE AND ALL I HAVE TO SAY TO EVERYONE! YOU HAVE A TWISTED KIND OF PSYCHOAND BORDERLINE FREAK ON YOUR PLATE NOW.!!!


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Candy Fetish

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Young erotic therapeutic couple here to start another adventure down this path of love.We have been inactive for a while it has been a long year for us but we promise to Cum harder than ever! I go by Poseidon now and my beautiful transgender wife goes by Cinnamin. We promise to start uploading up to three times a week so please SUBSCRIBE and WE ALSO TRAVEL.


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